Day 9: 2017 Colcao Awards announced!



COLCOA AWARD: Mr. and Mrs. Adelman (Monsieur et Madame Adelman – W/D by Nicolas Bedos)

SPECIAL PRIZE: A Bag of Marbles (Un sac de billes – W/D by Christian Duguay)

SPECIAL MENTIONS: Like Crazy (Folles de joie – W/D by Paolo Virzi) & A Kid (Le fils de Jean – W/D by Philippe Lioret)

– JURY :

COLCOA AWARD: A Woman’s Life (Une Vie – W/D by Stéphane Brizé)

SPECIAL PRIZE: Elementary (Primaire – W/D by Hélène Angel)

Other Prizes:

BEST FIRST FEATURE FILM: Hedi (Hedi, un vent de liberte – W/D by Mohamed Ben Attia)

BEST DOCUMENTARY: Little Gems (Les Pépites – W/D by Xavier de Lausanne)

AMERICAN STUDENT AWARD (New in 2017): Polina (W/D by Angelin Preljocaj, Valérie Müller-Preljocaj)

COMING SOON AWARD: A Woman’s Life (Une Vie – W/D by Stéphane Brizé)




TV SERIES AWARD: Call My Agent (10 Pour Cent – written by Fanny Herrero, Benjamin Dupas, Sabrina B. Karine, Anaïs Carpita, directed by Laurent Tirard)

TV DRAMA AWARD: Plessis’ Girls (Elles…Les Filles du Plessis – W/D by Bénédicte Delmas)

– JURY :

TV SERIES AWARD: Beautiful Loser (Irresponsable – co-written by Frédéric Rosset, directed by Stephen Cafiero)

TV SERIES SPECIAL PRIZE: Midnight Sun (Jour Polaire – written by Måns Mårlind, directed by Björn Stein, Måns Mårlind)

TV DRAMA AWARD: Marion Forever 13 (Marion 13 ans pour toujours – W/D by Boulem Guerdjou)

TV DRAMA SPECIAL PRIZE: Box 27 (W/D by Arnaud Sélignac)


Chasse_royale-afficheCOLCOA SHORTS


COLCOA AWARD: Thank You Mister Imada (Merci Monsieur Imada – W/D by Sylvain Chaumet)

SPECIAL PRIZE: The Fisherman and the Business Man (Le pecheur et l’homme d’affaires – W/D by Simon Francois)

SPECIAL MENTION: Chasse Royale (W/D by Romane Gueret, Lise Akoka)


COLCOA AWARD: Chasse Royale (W/D Romane Gueret, Lise Akoka)

SPECIAL PRIZE: What Tears Us Apart (Ce qui nous sépare – W/D by Wei Hu)

SPECIAL MENTION: Thank You Mister Imada (Merci Monsieur Imada – W/D by Sylvain Chaumet)


15258685_1206302449463935_5230358946266480640_nCOLCOA WEB SERIES

COLCOA WEB SERIES AWARD (New in 2017): Amnesia (written by Jérôme Fansten, directed by: Patrick De Ranter and Jérôme Fansten)


Day 9: Time for webseries

tankIt’s the first time that Colcoa shows webseries. The Web Series program is made of six high profile productions, mixing documentaries, thriller, comedies, drama and even horror programs.

Coming from a new generation of producers and filmmakers as well as from established producers and creators, this new popular format has nothing to envy to TV series and movies.

“The quality of these productions is really amazing, says François Truffart, executive producer of Colcoa. You can’t tell the difference with a feature film!”


Day 8: The best of French TV

Bénédicte Delmas

For the third year in a row, Colcoa features the best of French television. With 7 series, with hits such as “Baron Noir”, “Call my agent” and “The Frozen dead” and 4 TV movies in competition, it shows the full scope of the production currently happening in France.

“Plessis’ girls” and “Marion Forever 13” are two breathtaking stand alone movies. Despite their difficult topics, it had amazing ratings on prime time. “I had Plessis’ girls for a long time in my mind”, says director Benedict Delmas, who decided to tell the true story of a pregnant teens institution in the early 70’s. With only a 1.5 million euros budget and 20 days of shooting, she pulls the best from three young actresses facing a surprisingly mean Sandrine Bonnaire.

Boulem Guerdjou met the same challenge: how to tackle bullying and teenage suicide for a prime time audience on television. “Marion Forever 13” deals delicately about it and broke a record among the youngest viewers. A cause that the public television was proud to feature.

Day 8: VR, a new guest at COLCOA

The virtual reality is growing so COLCOA found a spot for it. A VR corner was the place to go this week-end to discover a new way to tell stories. 5 movies were shown, including “Out of the blue” by Sophie Ansel.

“Out of the blue” is such a beautiful movie”, says Eric, 63, visiting Colcoa every year. “It’s nice to see that VR is not only a technological magic trick but can tell beautiful stories. The best part of it, according to me, is the ability to feel the environment around you. And with the sound, it’s fantastic”.

Sadie, 19, is close to become addicted to VR! “You’re not in there, but you are, in a way. I felt an affinity with the people in the movie like I’ve never felt before in a regular movie”, she says.

Only drawback, according to Eric, the “solo experience”. “I wish you could interact more with the other people in the room. We’ll see if they will achieve that in the future”.

Day 8: “Heaven will wait” is terrifyingly relevant.

A disturbing movie for a disturbing reality. France holds the record for the most nationals leaving to Syria. Young women too are being seduced by ISIS plans. “Heaven will wait” looks at the radicalization process and how parents are affected. Director Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar has presented her movie to the COLCOA audience.